1. Had a blast this weekend!

    Had a blast this weekend!

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  2. Just a random thought that happened:

    Pokémon is 18 years old. The cartridge that’s sitting in my desk drawer, if it were a person, could legally smoke, look at nude people, and vote, which is more than a good portion of the users on this site can do… And I suddenly feel old at 25.

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  3. So long, Eddie.

    So long, Eddie.

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  4. genjy said: ME AS A PEEN MONSTER, I have wanted this for so long and you owe it to me, Snurgle.



    get away from me

    Friendship means they’ll draw you as a squirting weenie when you throw a tantrum. :)

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  5. Talking to a friend in Skype and they were talking about mashing up Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up with Ylvis’ The Fox and so I decided to mess about with them and made a small thing.

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  6. And here’s Bo miming masturbating at his “what.” show.

    And here’s Bo miming masturbating at his “what.” show.

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  7. A little snippet from Bo Burnham’s new special “what.” It’s pretty neat, and free! Give it a watch.

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  8. Recently watched Bo’s new special “what.” Dude is pretty talented. Give it a watch, it’s free!

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  9. This and the other are how I decide to test out my new mic. It’s great.

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  10. When you really want the booty.

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